All You Need To Know About Dental Fillings

All You Need To Know About Dental FillingsCavities and tooth decay are highly prevalent that you might think they don’t pose any danger to your life. However, it is imperative to note cavities as well as tooth decay can have serious lasting complications on your dental and overall health.

If you are currently suffering from dental cavities a dental composite might just be what you need to help alleviate your symptoms. Continue your reading and get to know more about dental composite and how this popular process could transform your smile.

So, what is a composite filling?

It’s never too late to treat cavities. So, if you are currently plagued by cavities, don’t worry. Thanks to the significant advances in the dental arena, you can always find the best treatment option for whatever type of dental condition you might be suffering from, including cavities.

In the past, an amalgam filling was the only treatment option for dental fillings. But today, composite fillings remain the ultimate treatment option for dental filings. There are a plethora of materials used in to fill in the space left after cavity removal.

Composite fillings usually feature a material that matches your tooth’s color, blending seamlessly with your natural teeth. What’s more, as opposed to amalgam fillings, composite fillings don’t feature harmful substances such as silver, or mercury, on any other foreign material. Instead, they are constructed from resin braced with silica, ceramic, or glass quartz.

Ceramic fillings usually feature porcelain and as such, are relatively costly. However, they guarantee several benefits that range from durability and unmatched aesthetics. Simply put, they are not only highly attractive but will also serve you for an extended period. What’s more, they are more resistant to both staining and abrasion compared to their composite resin counterparts.

Resin fillings, on the other hand, are highly durable, lasting between five and seven years. And if you practice good oral hygiene, they may serve you even longer.

So, what’s the difference between amalgam fillings and composite fillings?

The biggest difference between these two dental fillings is that composite fillings don’t feature any harmful materials, particularly mercury and silver.

So, what are some of the proven benefits of composite fillings?

  • Resin-based composites are more attractive than their conventional silver filling counterparts.
  • Composites are easy to repair and maintain, only requiring minimal drilling to take care of the damage.
  • Composite fillings are covered by insurance.
  • They naturally blend with your natural teeth.
  • Resin-based composite fillings tend to bond very well with your natural teeth, and this makes them less susceptible to cavities. What’s more, they are less likely to break with time.

So, what’s the duration of the procedure?

It is worth noting that dental fillings are short, outpatient procedures. It will only take less than 60 minutes for the entire procedure to be completed.

So, what does the composite filling process involves?

The initial step generally involves numbing the location around your tooth to ensure you don’t experience any form of discomfort or pain.

To help ensure the surface of your tooth remains dry, your dentist will apply rubber dams to help curb infections and keep the damaged tooth aside.

And after the tooth has been repaired, your dentist will proceed with the tooth filling process. Your dentist will put and expertly shape the composite material before ultimately polishing it.

Today, there are numerous dental solutions that can help restore your beautiful smile as well as confidence. And the composite dental filling is just one of these options, ideal for those with dental cavities. But for you to reap the potential benefits of composite fillings, you need to find the right dentist who boasts the relevant knowledge and expertise to successfully conduct the procedure.

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