Affordable Options for Tooth Replacements in Troy, MI

Affordable Options for Tooth Replacements- Troy, MIWould you be surprised to know that the typical adult in the United States, between the ages of 39 and 45, is missing an average of 7 teeth? We can make some assumptions about that statistic, for example, most adults have had their wisdom teeth extracted so most adults are missing at least 4 teeth. If you take the wisdom teeth out of this equation, it still means that most adults are living with at least 3 missing teeth! That’s a lot of teeth! If you are one of our adult patients that is missing teeth, you probably think about your options for replacing them, frequently. We have a variety of options for replacing your missing teeth, but what is the best option for you?

Traditional Options

Honestly, the most affordable options for replacing missing teeth are the traditional options of bridges and dentures. These tried and true options may not be the fastest option, and they may not be the most natural looking option, but if you are missing your teeth, and are tight on funds, this may be your initial answer for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. The problem with dentures and bridges is that they often need a lot of adjustment for them to fit correctly. However, if they are your only option for a new smile, they work fine and can look great.

The Combination Option

This is really the middle of the road option, and a more permanent option for many patients. Using a combination of implants and prosthetics, we can create an intermediate option that is more affordable than implants, and more stable than traditional dentures and bridges. How does this work? We use a few strategically placed implants to anchor prosthetics like bridges and even full dentures to your jaw. These prosthetics are still removable, but the implants provide more support for your jaw and any remaining teeth. These options are tightly fitted to your mouth, so there is less need for adjustments, and the combination option is more comfortable than traditional bridges and dentures.

The Gold Standard

If you have the right insurance, or if you’ve been saving up for a while, your affordable option could possibly be the gold standard of tooth replacement – the implant. As your dentist, we prefer to use dental implants to replace missing teeth. Why? Well first of all, they are a much better option for the health of your mouth and jaw. Implants actually provide a feature for your jaw bone to grow on to. This reduces the incidence of bone loss and keeps your face from having that sunken look. The other reason we think that implants are the best option, is that while they are expensive on the front end, the amount of follow up care and adjustment that you will need is minimal. Once your implant has been set, and the crown placed, you have what is essentially a new, permanent tooth. This long lasting option can actually save you money in the long run.

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Having a tooth or multiple teeth replaced isn’t a fun experience for you or your pocketbook. However, there are options that will make replacing missing teeth at least a little easier on your budget. If you need to have one or multiple teeth replaced, Dr. Mansky and his team can help you decide on the right options for your smile and your wallet. To schedule a consultation for tooth replacement in Troy, MI or to learn more about our office, call us today at (248) 689-5508.