Are Dental Fillings Safe For Your Overall Health?

Are Dental Fillings Safe For Your Overall Health?Every year, millions of people in the world suffer from dental issues or visit the dentist at least once. While many don’t consider cavities to be serious, untreated cavities lead to complications like broken teeth, tooth abscesses, and tooth pain, which can prevent individuals from going about with day-to-day activities.

Complications like tooth abscesses are harder to fix compared to mere cavities. This indicates more trouble and more frequent trips to the dentist. A comprehensive dental plan permits you to get rid of dental issues at an early stage. In many cases, fillings are done. Both – white and silver fillings – have their place in dentistry. We will find out which is safer.

What Are The Two Major Types Of Dental Fillings?

The two major types of fillings are BPA and silver fillings. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. We will address those in this article.

Silver Vs BPA Fillings: The Differences

Silver fillings are also known as dental amalgams. Unlike what the name suggests, silver fillings are made of an amalgamation of metals like tin, silver, mercury, and copper. White fillings, popular as composite fillings, are made of ceramic and plastic. Both these kinds of fillings are used to repair cavities. Several dentists have stopped using silver fillings as there are risks of toxicity concerning mercury.

There are certain disadvantages of using silver fillings. To begin with, mercury is risky for health. It is not that aesthetically pleasing. Quite naturally, it is not the top choice for a visible tooth. The material expands and contracts with time, causing cracks in teeth. These create spaces between the tooth and its filling. This can make food and bacteria get trapped, allowing more cavities to form.

If you are already aware that your dentist has not used silver fillings, then there is some bad news for you. Composite fillings made of dental resin have BPA. This indicates that these fillings release toxins and behave like silver fillings. You too then should opt for a safer alternative.

Is BPA-Free Filling The Safest?

Bisphenol, popular as BPA, is an organic compound present in substances used to produce plastic. In recent times, BPA has had to face controversies as it can interfere with the body’s hormones. Although the quantity of BPA used in fillings is significantly low, it is always better to go with a filling free of BPA. BPA-free fillings are like normal composite fillings and perform the same functions. The best part is that they come in various shades, so it is easier to match the color of your teeth.

It is your choice to make a decision when it comes to your dental health. You can choose to no longer accept BPA fillings and seek alternatives like BPA-free composite fillings. This can turn out to be a more difficult decision than you thought it would be. This is because it may compel you to change your current clinic or dentist. But remember, health comes first. So, think about it and make the right choice.

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