Taking Care of Your Dental Health When You Are down with the Flu

2019-03-22T04:40:32-04:00By |Dental Health|

Taking Care of Your Dental Health When You Are down with the Flu Spring season brings along the promise of fun in the sun and barbeque parties. However, there is another thing that you have to keep in mind while the weather is changing – the flu. This time of the year is what we [...]

The Causes and Treatment For Bleeding Gums

2019-02-22T21:27:06-04:00By |Dental Health|

What Do Bleeding Gums Imply? Bleeding gums are not something we haven’t known or heard of. The primary reason behind this problem is inadequate plaque removal. The problem occurs when the healthy tissue around your teeth is attacked by plaque that carries germs, resulting in irritation in the gums, inflammation, and ultimate bleeding when you [...]

Natural Toothpastes vs. Regular Toothpaste – Which is More Effective?

2019-01-12T06:18:24-04:00By |Dental Health|

Natural Toothpastes vs. Regular Toothpaste – Which is More Effective? The war between toothpaste brands seems never-ending. On one side, we have the tried and tested brands like Colgate and Crest. On the other side, we have toothpaste with natural substances like charcoal and salt, claiming that they are the best choice as they are [...]

Mouthwash or No Mouthwash?

2019-01-12T06:16:57-04:00By |Dental Health|

Mouthwash or No Mouthwash? Judging by the commercials on television, it seems like mouthwash is as important as toothpaste. But have you ever given serious thought to this? Is mouthwash actually vital for healthy gums and teeth? Well, the short answer to that question is no. But since when has curiosity ever been satisfied with [...]

7 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity

2019-01-12T06:12:20-04:00By |Teeth Sensitivity|

7 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity Do you feel discomfort while flossing or brushing your teeth? Does taking hot and cold foods like coffee and ice cream cause shooting pains? These are all signs that indicate you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. The good thing is, there are ways you can get rid of this [...]

Most Everything You Need to Know About Gingivitis

2018-12-21T11:00:29-04:00By |Dental Health|

Healthy tooth, Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and advanced Periodontitis You must have heard about the gum disease called gingivitis. In this article, we will tell you most everything you need to know about this condition. What Is Gingivitis? Let’s start by covering the basics. Gingivitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the gums due [...]

Essential Information about Tooth Trauma in Children

2018-11-30T15:15:45-04:00By |Child Dentistry|

Essential Information about Tooth Trauma in Children Tooth trauma occurs in about one in every four school-going children. Managing tooth trauma depends on the type of damage and age of the child. While all dentists can address tooth trauma in children, endodontists receive special training and are equipped to deal with dental injuries. Here, you [...]

Assessing Your Risk for Tooth Decay

2018-11-30T15:20:52-04:00By |Dental Health|

Assessing Your Risk for Tooth Decay Tooth decay is one of the most common problems that has troubled humans for centuries. Today dentists recommend a personalized approach to prevent dental decay. The prevention strategy is based on the personal risk for dental diseases instead of one size fit all approach prevalent in the past. By [...]

Dental X-rays and Periodontal Healthcare

2018-10-26T13:28:35-04:00By |Dental X-Rays|

The oral cavity is a complex arrangement of bone, muscles, and nerves. In order to find any ongoing periodontal issue lingering in the cavity that remains invisible to the naked eye, dentists make use of radiography. Many folks, who haven’t gone through that diagnosis procedure earlier, remain apprehensive about it. We want to assure our [...]

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