Does My Child Need to Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Does My Child Need to Visit a Pediatric Dentist?Many of our long time adult dental patients who become new parents often ask us this question. It is fair to wonder if a dentist that specializes in caring for children will do a better job of caring for your children’s teeth. In a practice like ours, Dr. Mansky sees patients that range from infants to seniors, and can provide care for your child that you may not receive from a pediatric dentist. When our clients ask about using a pediatric dentist, here are some of the benefits that we share about family dentistry over pediatric dentistry.

We Know Your History

If you’ve been with our Troy dental practice for a while, we know all about you, and the members of your family. Many times, dental issues with parents can carry over to children, through genetics. Having a complete understanding of your dental health issues can help us treat your children more effectively. What do we mean by dental health issues? Well, this can be as simple as knowing your at-home care routine. Parents that don’t have good at-home routines can carry this on to their children. Knowing this, we can help educate you and your child about the benefits of good routines. On the other side of the spectrum, some individuals are just more susceptible to decay due to a variety of genetic conditions. Knowing what your mouth is like gives us an idea of how your child’s mouth may be, and allows us to treat problems with care and understanding.

You Know Us

A pediatric dentist is an unknown to you. If you already enjoy quality, caring dental treatment in our office, why would you send your child to an unknown dentist, with an unknown care standard? There is often the assumption that because a dentist or dental office specializes in caring for children, they are somehow kinder or treat your child with more compassion. Without actually sitting in the chair, you don’t know for sure the quality of care your child will receive. When you decide to have us treat your child, you know the quality of care they should receive, because we’ve given you the same quality of care.

Time Savings

We know that your family likely has a busy schedule, so when we help you schedule your annual check-ups we know that it’s easier to make one stop than visit us multiple times. We can schedule your cleanings and appointments at the same time as your child’s cleaning and appointments. You visit our office one time for both you and your child. If you select a pediatric dentist for your child, you have to schedule more time from work and do more running around town for appointments. As your family grows and schedules get fuller and fuller, it makes good sense to have one dentist who knows you, can care for you and your kids, and can fit everyone in to a schedule that works well for you.

I Am Looking for the Best Family Dentist in Troy, Michigan?

Are pediatric dentists a bad idea? No. But for busy families, and for good care and an understanding of family history, a family dentist in Troy, MI, like Dr. Paul Mansky, DDS can provide the quality care you’ve come to expect for your smile, for your children as well. To schedule a dental appointment at our Troy dental office for you or your child, please call us today at (248) 689-5508.