Daily Care for Dentures

Proper Care of Dentures - Troy Dental OfficeYour Troy area dentist has just helped you have a healthy, beautiful smile with a new set of dentures. We understand that for many of our patients, dentures are a necessity to being healthy, happy and confident. Dentures are also an expensive investment for your smile and dental health. If you have just made the investment in dentures with Troy Dentist, Dr. Mansky, it’s important that you know how to care for them on a daily basis. Good daily care of your dentures will help them last a long time, and look great for as long as possible. Good daily care is also important to good oral health for denture wearers.

Don’t Forget to Brush

Just because you don’t have “real” teeth anymore, doesn’t mean that you can stop brushing. In fact, brushing may be more important with dentures than with natural teeth. Brushing your dentures and mouth twice daily will keep down the same plaque and bacteria that you faced with your natural teeth. The difference between dentures and natural teeth is that they are not likely to develop decay, but not brushing can cause other problems. Food between your dentures and gums can cause sores and infections. These painful sores can make wearing dentures uncomfortable. Secondly, brushing can also help combat bad breath. Many denture wearers complain of breath odors, so we encourage frequent brushing and rinsing to keep bacteria and bad breath at bay. Do remember however, that dentures are prone to scratching so only use a brush and toothpaste designed for dentures.

Soak Frequently

Soaking your dentures is an easy way to eliminate stains, keep dentures fresh and knocks down bacteria that may still be lingering even after you brush. There are many good denture soaks on the market, but ones that are effervescent seem to work well at gently breaking down plaque and eliminating bacteria. Just like toothpastes, denture soak products have a variety of flavors and features like whitening and stain removal.

Proper Storage

Have you seen those funny pictures of dogs that look like they are wearing human dentures? Believe it or not, we have patients come to us on a regular basis with dentures that have been eaten by the dog. If their dog isn’t the culprit, maybe it’s the dishwasher or the toilet, or maybe even them. Dentures are pretty tough, but they aren’t indestructible. Make sure that you are properly storing your teeth when you aren’t wearing them. We will provide you with a case or two for your dentures. It is a good idea to store your teeth in these cases when you are not wearing them. These cases will protect your teeth from being broken, flushed, sat on, stepped on or eaten by the dog.

Visit Your Dentist

No, this isn’t a daily activity, but for the first few months that you have your dentures, you may want to visit us to make adjustments in the fit of your dentures. You have made a big investment in your smile and dental health with your dentures, so making sure they fit well will make them easier to wear and feel comfortable. Once we get a good fit, you may only need to visit us twice a year for your regular check-ups. Whatever you do though, don’t forget to make annual visits for dental health checks and denture fittings a regular part of your routine.

I Want to Make a Dental Appointment at Your Troy Area Dental Office!

Dentures are a big investment and Dr. Mansky knows that you want to have quality dentures that fit well, and last a long time. We take substantial time with each patient to make sure that their dentures are attractive and provide a comfortable and natural looking smile. If you are considering dentures for replacing your teeth, Dr. Mansky and his team are here to help. To schedule a consultation for dentures, make an appointment for dental services in Troy, MI or learn more about our office, call us today at (248) 689-5508.