Demystifying Root Canal Therapy

Demystifying Root Canal TherapyJust the words “root canal” conjure up all types of anxious thoughts and clever excuses to avoid going to the dentist. In fact, just the possibility that they may need to have root canal therapy can cause people to avoid making or keeping their dental appointments.

But, like many things that cause people anxiety, root canals aren’t widely explained or favorably publicized. And, when they are, it is likely that people aren’t listening or comprehending. But root canal therapy can alleviate so much more discomfort and pain than it causes, it is a viable therapy for anyone suffering from the conditions that warrant them.

Basically, if only people knew more about root canal therap0y, they probably wouldn’t be so apprehensive about getting this procedure.

How and why did root canal therapy become so misunderstood?

The first thing that must be clarified is the source of the pain that is often affiliated with root canal therapy. The pain is caused much less by the procedure than it is by the actual reason it was needed in the first place. In other words, the infection in a tooth causes great pain; the root canal therapy can alleviate that issue and lessen or eradicate the pain.

So, what exactly is root canal therapy?

Your teeth have a layer of dentin and below that layer is soft tissue that is known as pulp. This pulp contains nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. Each of these elements assists in the growth of the root in a tooth while it’s developing. When the pulp becomes inflamed or gets damaged, an abscess or infection can be caused. This is the source of the pain.

Root canal therapy treats the pulp that has become inflamed and gets rid of the infection in the tooth. Removal of the infected pulp restores the tooth and eliminates the pain. Restoration of the tooth involves cleaning and shaping the tooth and then placing a crown on to9p of it. Not only is infection and pain eradicated, but further prevention of the infections and elimination of the pain is also assured.

In other words, root canal therapy is a good thing that accomplishes a lot in the way of restoring and preserving good oral health.

Adjusting your mindset before having root canal therapy.

In the event you are scheduled to have root canal therapy, your first step in getting prepared is to read the above explanation of what is involved and why it will be so helpful. Correct information will help you frame your mind around the outcome, not the process.

However, it will also be of tremendous value to you to know what to expect when you visit the dentist with some of the symptoms of the conditions that will require root canal therapy. So, if you visit your dentist with certain signs of possible infection, he or she will likely get an x-ray to assure an accurate diagnosis.  If the x-ray shows infection in a root canal system, you will be scheduled for root canal therapy.    Keep your appointment knowing that you are making a great contribution to your dental health.

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