Dental Implants or Dentures: Which Is the Better Choice for You?

Dental Implants vs DenturesTeeth are an integral part of one’s physical appeal. They beautify the face and smile. Unfortunately, accidents and aging can lead to people losing teeth. People with missing teeth usually have two options: dentures and dental implants. Dentures are the ideal choice for edentate people. However, dentures also need routine checkups. Thus, people with only one or more teeth missing, often choose to opt for dental implants. The question is: which option is the right choice for you?

There are a few factors that one must consider before making the final choice. Read on to know about these factors.

1. Comfort Is Key

In most cases, patients usually take only a few days to get used to dental implants. On the other hand, patients with dentures can easily take over a month to get used to them. Moreover, unlike in the case of dentures, dental implants fuse directly into the jawbone. Thus, dental implants are able to continually stimulate the jawbone. On the contrary, in the case of dentures, no stimulation is provided to the jawbone. This causes the jawbone to shrink. Thus, people with dentures must see their dentist routinely to ensure the health of their dentures and mouth. Dental implants are, therefore, often considered a more comfortable option than dentures.

2. Cost Is Another Important Factor

The initial cost of getting dental implants is usually higher than the initial price of getting dentures. However, in the long run, dental implants often prove themselves to be a more cost-effective option. It is because unlike dentures, dental implants do not need periodic adjustments. In the case of dentures, as gums alter due to age and other factors, it becomes vital to get them adjusted by a dentist. These requirements for routine check-ups add to the overall cost of getting dentures.

3. Functionality Matters Too

There are two primary problems with dentures. First, people with dentures usually have to follow certain restrictions. These restrictions mean there will always be certain things they won’t be able to eat. Second, if not fixed properly, dentures make a clicking sound while eating and talking, which can be very irritating to the person wearing dentures. On the other hand, with dental implants, there are no restrictions. It means people with dental implants can eat whatever they like. Thus, functionality is an essential factor that rules in favor of dental implants.

4. Do Take Maintenance into Account

There is no denying that it is far more challenging to maintain dentures than dental implants. Once dental implants have successfully fused with the jawbone, they are like your regular teeth. You can brush and floss them the way you used to do with your original teeth. However, dentures must be taken out for cleaning. This makes caring for dentures difficult.

5. Stability Counts Too

Since dental implants fuse into the jawbone, they are considered to be far more stable than dentures.

The Final Word

If you are considering tooth replacement, talk to your dentist first and weigh in on both the options. In most cases, since only one or more teeth are required to be replaced, dental implants make the best choice. However, for edentate patients, dentures are a better option.
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