Dental X-Rays Are Completely Safe — Here’s Everything You Need to Know on the Topic

Dental X-Rays Are Completely Safe -- Here's Everything You Need to Know on the TopicDental X-rays are not uncommon. Dentists ask patients to take x-rays often because dental X-rays are one of the best ways to get a deep look into the gums. X-rays are also used by dentists to understand if there is a problem with dental bones or roots. Further, they can also be used to check the health of the tooth enamel.

However, dental x-rays use radiation, and this causes concern to many people. If you search for material on the internet, you will get many articles that say radiation is bad for health. so, are dental x-rays bad? The short answer is no. Dental X-rays are completely safe, and therefore, one must not think twice before agreeing to a dental x-ray in case their dentist asks. This is because, in the case of dental x-rays, one is exposed to very minimal radiation, which is not enough to be harmful to a person’s health. In fact, many other things expose a person to a much higher amount of radiation than a dental x-ray.

When dental x-rays were first invented, most people, including dentists, had no idea how the radiation used during the x-ray procedure could be harmful to a person. Therefore, no safety features during the procedure were used before. However, with time, people have developed a good understanding of how much radiation is bad for human health. Therefore, with the help of the advancements made in science and technology, we have been able to completely minimize the use of radiation during dental x-rays.

Let’s Put Things into Perspective

Let’s put this into perspective. One dental x-ray exposes a person to 0.1mrem of radiation, and a set of 4 bitewings has 0.4mrem. In comparison, a person gets exposed to 35mrem of natural radiation per year from soil. Cigarette consumption exposes a person to 1,300 mrem of radiation every year and the use of gas for cooking exposes one to 9mrem of radiation every year. Here’s another observation to help you put the whole thing into perspective: a single long-distance flight exposes one to a higher amount of radiation than a dental x-ray.

In simple words, while dental x-rays do expose people to radiation, the quantity of the radiation itself is minimal. Further, the benefit of dental x-rays completely outweighs the risk created by this minimal radiation.

When Is a Dental X-Ray Absolutely Necessary?

Now that we have established that dental x-rays are safe, let us look at when is a dental x-ray absolutely necessary. If you are experiencing decay between your teeth, your dentist will ask you to take a dental x-ray. Similarly, dental x-rays become necessary for detecting tumours, growths, and infections. They are also necessary when a dentist want to analyze whether a root canal would be an absolute necessity.

Things to Keep in Mind

While dental x-rays are quite safe, pregnant women must avoid them as not much is known about how radiation affects the foetus. The foetus grows very quickly at the cellular and DNA levels and therefore, doctors believe that radiations can harm the foetus more harshly than healthy humans. It is for this same reason that many doctors and dentists also believe that children must be kept away from radiation as much as possible — children are vulnerable and therefore, exposing them to radiation is not good.

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