Everything You Need to Know About Preventive Dentistry

Everything You Need to Know About Preventive DentistryBelieve it or not, the cost of modern dental procedures can burn a hole in your pocket. A minor issue, if neglected, can compel a person to spend thousands of dollars on corrective measures. Fortunately, modern dentistry makes use of several affordable and inexpensive techniques to ensure that insignificant issues do not turn into significant ones. Preventive Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that uses corrective measures and procedures to apprehend and obstruct the growth and spread of various dental diseases. It enhances the life of people’s natural teeth while also preserving their bank balance.

What Are Some of the Famous Preventive Dental Procedures?

Over the years, Preventive Dentistry has advanced to accommodate technologically advanced techniques and products. Today, this branch effectively utilizes traditional and modern methods to keep dental diseases at bay. Here are a few preventive dental procedures that have gained immense popularity over time.

Dental Cleaning

Probably the oldest and most important of all preventive dental procedures, the importance of regular dental cleanings cannot be emphasized enough. Dental plaque and tartar accumulate over teeth, especially in those parts that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. Regular dental cleaning protects teeth by getting rid of this plaque and calculus.


The Fluoride present in teeth makes them strong and protects them from decay. This fluoride also reverses the tiny cavities that form due to the action of bacteria and plaque. It is for this reason that companies are launching fluoride-containing toothpaste and drinking water. However, if you still lack fluoride in your teeth, it can be applied directly to your teeth by a dentist.


Dentists design athletic mouthguards based on a patient’s specifications and requirements. Though there are ready-made mouthguards available these days, they do not do a good job of guarding the mouth against injuries in case of an accident or impact.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants maintain the health of your teeth by filling any space that may become home to bacteria. Dental sealants must be regularly filled.

Laser Decay Diagnosis

This procedure uses laser light to detect early signs of decay and thus, prevent them by taking corrective steps.


X-rays and CAT scans do an excellent job of detecting diseases, the signs of which are invisible to the naked eye. Today, X-rays and CAT scans have become essential tools in the hand of dentists and do an incredible job of detecting tooth decay, gum diseases, tumors, etc.

Oral Cancer Screenings

The only way to survive oral cancer, a disease becoming increasingly common these days, is early detection. It is for this particular reason that dentists consider oral cancer screenings extremely important.

Salivary Diagnostics

A saliva test is one of the latest technologies that dentists use to detect the presence of any mouth or gum diseases by studying the saliva. This technique is quick and effective and developing rapidly.

The Final Word

Preventive Dentistry procedures will work if you show trust and commitment. Thus, never miss an appointment with your dentist. Practice good oral hygiene — brush and floss daily and after every meal. Most importantly, keep checking yourself for any signs of gum diseases and see your dentist immediately if you feel something is wrong.

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