Fluoride Facts and Fundamentals for Troy Michigan

Fluoride Facts and Fundamentals for Troy MichiganAny conversation between folks in Troy, Michigan pertaining to oral health and dental hygiene eventually leads to a discussion of fluoride. In fact, fluoride usually comes up rather quickly because it’s widely accepted as a vital aspect of good oral hygiene.  But that is typically all that people know about it.

However, there is a great deal more to fluoride than is commonly known throughout the Troy community. For starters, merely accepting that fluoride is an important part of maintaining good oral health in only skimming the surface of its value and importance.

Fluoride facts everyone in Troy should know.

As a mineral compound, fluoride is in water and soil. It is used in toothpaste and various dental care products because it protects your teeth’s surfaces from acid attacks that are prompted by bacteria in plaque. In addition, it also offers minerals to your teeth that are good for them. One such mineral is calcium. Calcium is very useful in repairing prior tooth decay or cavities.

What are the fundamental applications of fluoride?

If you wish to boost the protection fluoride provides your teeth, you can choose from two types of fluoride applications.

Topical fluoride is the application whereby fluoride is applied directly onto your teeth. Found in toothpaste and mouthwashes, and various other types of dental hygiene products, topical fluoride will help you prevent gum infections as well as tooth decay. You can also access topical fluoride in gels and foams that are incorporated into a host of other types of dental procedures.

Systemic fluoride is applied when you drink water that is fluoridated or consume foods and other types of drinks that are rich in fluoride. Many people have also discovered the benefits of fluoride supplements and prefer this method as their way of increasing their intake of fluoride.

Assuring effective levels of fluoride

Whenever you use any type of supplement to increase your health and wellness, it is important to know the effective levels of the supplement to consume. Furthermore, you also need to know if the supplement you are using contains that requisite level in order to be effective. Here are the two main products that contain fluoride with a brief overview of how to ensure it provides the level and type of fluoride that will aid in your oral health.

Fluoridated water – The level of fluoride in your drinking water depends on where you live. When within your ability, you can adjust the levels of fluoride in your water supply to reach an optimum level, so your water contributes to your oral health.

Bottled water – Tap water is the water that is most rich in fluoride. Bottled water has less than preferable or effective levels of fluoride so if you’re drinking bottled water, you are denying your teeth an ideal amount of fluoride for the prevention of cavities and tooth decay.  If you drink bottled water, supplement it with other fluoride products such as topical gels and mouthwash. Your Troy dentist can certainly recommend which ones are best.

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