General Advice for Parents with Kids with a Chipped Tooth

General Advice for Parents That Have a Child With a Chipped ToothA chipped tooth is a problem common to children. It can happen without any cause and it can also be due to actual cases, such as a tooth weakened by cavities or tooth dislocation due to biting into any hard object like a nut or candy. Fortunately, the advancements made in the field of dentistry have made it possible for dentists to mend chipped teeth. Unfortunately, dealing with a child with a chipped tooth isn’t easy. In this article, we share some advice and tips and tricks for parents on how to take care of a child with a chipped tooth.

Here’s the First Thing You Must Do

If your child has a chipped tooth, the first thing you must do is consult a dentist. Though a chipped tooth is not a medical emergency, ignoring it for far too long can turn it into one. Not many people know this but a chipped tooth can lead to toothache, abscess, and even tooth loss.

Your dentist will advise you on what you can do to protect your child’s tooth from further damage. They will also advise you on how to safeguard it against bacteria that cause infections by entering the bloodstream.

Here’s What You Dentist Will Most Likely Do

Your dentist will thoroughly check the chipped tooth — they will first understand the amount of damage to figure out the correct procedure to restore the tooth. If the tooth is only slightly chipped and the sensitive layers that exist beneath the tooth haven’t been exposed, your dentist will probably just polish the teeth and smooth out the edges. They may also decide to use bonding materials to restore the natural shape and structure of the tooth. If the damage is significant, your dentist will recommend the use of veneers on your child’s tooth.

If the amount of damage is significant, the tooth’s enamel can become compromised, which in turn, can lead to a tooth infection. Thus, whatever the amount of damage may be, it is always best to immediately consult a dentist.

General Advice for Parents

If your child gets a chipped tooth, set up an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth is bleeding, rinse the mouth with warm water to get rid of blood and soothe the pain. The water you use for rinsing should neither be too hot nor too cold as your child will experience sensitivity around the chipped tooth. Once you have thoroughly rinsed the area, take a gauge and use it to apply pressure to the affected area. You can also use an ice pack to reduce swelling. Parents are advised to not give their child any pain-relieving medication as it may lead to more bleeding. Lastly, if you have dental cement at home, use it to cover the chipped tooth. In case, dental cement is unavailable, use chewing gum to cover the edges.

The Final Word

A chipped tooth is not an uncommon problem in children, but it is a problem that must not be ignored. If your child has developed a chipped tooth, the first thing you must do is stop the bleeding by rinsing the mouth properly and using an ice pack. Next, set up an appointment with your dentist and get the tooth checked immediately.  Contact Paul Mansky Dental today!  We are located in Troy, Michigan and can be reached at (248) 689-5508 and we hope to hear from you soon!