Here’s How Tobacco Consumption Affects Your Oral Health

Here's How Tobacco Consumption Affects Your Oral HealthDentists, around the world, continually tell people to stay away from tobacco products. Though these products are bad for the body, in general, their effect on the oral cavity is the worst. In this article, we discuss in detail how tobacco and tobacco products affect oral health.

Reduced Smell and Taste Function

You may have often heard chain-smokers complaining about how they find themselves unable to enjoy or show appreciation for different kinds of foods. Continued consumption of tobacco, essentially nicotine and tar, impairs the taste function of the taste receptors present on the tongue. Thus, people who consume too much tobacco or too many tobacco products lose their ability to respond to different tastes. Further, since the function of taste buds and olfactory sensors are closely related, overconsumption of tobacco products also leads to reduced olfactory senses.

Teeth Discolouration

Regular smoking and continued consumption of tobacco lead to teeth becoming discoloured. Teeth discolouration is a slow process, often accentuated by tobacco use. People realize the damage that smoking or chewing tobacco products has done to them when they notice their smile change. When this happens, people do not only lose their beautiful smile but also their confidence. The problem of teeth discolouration is easy to solve through simple processes, such as teeth whitening and bleaching. However, the work done by these processes gets spoiled by tobacco consumption. For example, gum recession is a common problem seen in chain smokers after crown installation. Thus, it’s best to stay away from tobacco and tobacco products.

Bad Breath

Bad breath could be due to many different reasons, the most common being plaque buildup. The good part is bad breath caused by plaque build-up can be gotten rid of by regular brushing and eating healthy. Unfortunately, bad breath caused by the use of tobacco products does not go with regular cleaning or changing one’s dietary habits. The only way to get rid of bad breath caused by smoking or use of tobacco chewing products is by quitting tobacco consumption.

Tobacco Consumption Leads to Oral Cancer

One of the many reasons why dentists ask their patients to quit tobacco in every form is because tobacco consumption can lead to oral cancer. People who consume tobacco in forms other than cigarettes are most susceptible to developing oral cancer. Oral cancer can lead to disabilities and sometimes, even fatal accidents.

Tobacco Consumption Speeds up Tooth Decay

The immunity of smokers and those who consume tobacco in different forms often diminishes over time. This reduced immunity leads to slow recovery after dental surgeries and other procedures. Similarly, tobacco consumption also speeds up the tooth decay process as well as gum inflammation.


Tobacco consumption is linked to many problems. The only way to get rid of these problems or keep them away is to quit tobacco consumption, which can be done with the help of prescription medicines if you are having a hard time quitting. Once you have decided to quit, call your dentist, book an appointment, and ask them about good oral habits as well as any procedures you may require to bring that perfect smile back.

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