Here’s Why Men Should Maintain Good Oral Hygiene and Never Miss a Dentist’s Appointment

Mens Oral HealthMen do not take their physical health seriously. It is, therefore, not very surprising that they also neglect their oral health. Infrequent dental checkups, bad oral hygiene and absence of preventive dental care lead to oral complications in men. In this article, we discuss how men harm themselves or expose themselves to lethal diseases by ignoring oral hygiene and dental visits and why they should take dental appointments more seriously.

Regular Dental Check-Ups Keep Periodontal Disease Away

Regular dental check-ups are essential to get rid of the plaque that inevitably accumulates over teeth and gums. Removing plaque is crucial as it leads to periodontal disease, a condition that leads to the production of acids that damage gums and teeth. These acids are also harmful as they damage the fiber that holds the gum and teeth together. When that happens, bacteria find ways to crawl into gums and cause bleeding and swelling. Periodontal disease is also a major cause of bad breath as well as more lethal conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, including heart diseases and stroke. Further, men, in general, drink more than women, and those who drink often and excessively are always more likely to develop periodontal disease. For all of these reasons, men should care about oral hygiene more than women. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Frequent Dental Examinations Also Facilitate Early Detection of Oral Cancer Cases

Studies have proven that men are at a higher risk of oral cancer than women. Further, these studies have also proved that men aged 40 and above are 95% more likely to develop oral cancer. Oral cancer affects the oral cavity, which includes the tongue, gums, lips, floor of the mouth and the hard and soft palate.

While oral cancer is curable, it is curable only when detected at an early stage. If detected late, it can lead to chronic pain, oral and facial disfigurement and sometimes, even death. Tobacco has 28 different types of cancer-causing ingredients. Men smoke and chew tobacco more than women do. Thus, men should be more serious about dental hygiene and therefore, never miss a dental appointment. During dental check-ups, dentists check a person for all signs of oral cancer, and thus, regular dental check-ups increase the chances of early detection of oral cancer.

Dental Checkups Can Help Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Within the US, close to 6 lakh people die of heart diseases each year and more than half of these people are men. Unfortunately, most people, including most men do not realize that bad oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of heart diseases. People with gum disease suffer from thickened blood vessels and thick blood vessels increase one’s chances of high blood pressure, strokes and heart problems. Thus, those men who care about their cardiovascular health must see their dentist regularly.

Dentists Can Easily Solve the Problem of Dry Mouth

One study revealed that men are more likely to develop heart diseases than women. Men suffering from heart diseases take medications which, in turn, leads to a very common problem: dry mouth. Dry mouth happens when medications inhibit the flow of saliva within the mouth. Saliva plays several crucial functions within the mouth. For starters, it reduces the count of cavity-causing bacteria within the body by maintaining the right pH within the mouth. The problem of dry mouth can easily be solved by visiting a dentist.


Bad oral hygiene leads to several health problems and men are more susceptible to most of these problems than women. Thus, men should stay extra careful. They must also develop good oral hygiene habits and never miss a routine dental check-up appointment.

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