Here’s Why Seniors Should Pay More Attention to Dental Hygiene

Here's Why Seniors Should Pay More Attention to Dental HygieneAs people advance in age, they begin to pay more attention to certain aspects of their health and completely ignore others. Most seniors pay a lot of attention to their mental and physical well being and completely ignore their dental health. It is understandable too. When you are continually worried about your heart rate, blood pressure, memory, and stamina, thoughts about teeth and gums take a back seat. However, just because it is understandable, it does not mean it is also right. Maintaining dental hygiene is more important than most people think.

Here’s Why Seniors Should Pay Extra Attention to Oral Health

Oral health is an integral part of one’s overall well-being. What most seniors do not know is that diseases like periodontal disease and dry mouth that commonly affect seniors can also impact their overall physical health. Neglecting oral health can, therefore, lead to digestive as well as heart issues. This is the primary reason why seniors should pay more attention to their oral health.

Moreover, poor dental health also increases a person’s susceptibility to pneumonia. How? The bacteria that cause pneumonia goes through the mouth into the lungs. Thus, the best way to protect oneself from this bacteria is to practice proper oral hygiene. Gum disease is also associated with various heart diseases. Seniors with periodontal disease are twice more likely to experience heart issues than seniors without any gum issues. A recent research study has revealed that oral issues, such as gingivitis and cavities, also increase one’s chances of various heart diseases. Thus, if a senior from your family is in the hospital, make sure to ask the staff members to take proper care of their oral hygiene.

Here’s How Routine Examination Can Help

Since oral hygiene-induced issues lead to several health issues, regular examinations can help keep these diseases away. Other than heart and respiratory diseases, regular oral checkups also help seniors keep diabetes away.

Severe gum disease or periodontitis stops the body from using insulin, which in turn, can lead to diabetes. Thus, an oral checkup can also reduce the chances of elders developing this disease by taking care of oral issues in their nascent stage. Gum disease can also be caused by a poor diet, improperly fitted dentures, food stuck between teeth, etc. and regular oral checks ups are the only way to keep this disease away. The first negative effect of gum disease is tooth loss. However, in the long run, gum disease can lead to several different health issues.

Key Takeaway

As people grow old, it is natural for them to become more concerned about their physical and mental health. However, it is important to understand how the human body works and how different mechanisms are inter-linked. A good understanding of these mechanisms as well as the body will reveal to you that maintaining good oral hygiene is integral to maintaining overall well being.

If you are a senior who takes their dental health for granted, don’t. Similarly, if you know a senior who takes their dental health for granted, do not let them do so. Ignoring one’s dental health is inviting trouble in the long run.

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