How Sealants Can Prevent Tooth Cavities in Your Children

How Sealants Can Prevent Tooth Cavities in Your ChildrenAmong all organ and body parts, teeth develop at the slowest pace. For that matter, infants and children are more at the risk of periodontal issues. Keeping these oral health issues in context, The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises parents to bring their children to dentists before their first birthday.

The occurrence of cavities is the most occurring periodontal problem among children aged less than eight years old. Experts have concluded that dental sealants can prevent them.

Why Kids Are More Prone to Tooth Cavities?

Before we delve into the discussion of dental sealants for kids, it is important to explain what makes them vulnerable to cavities.

Natural Shape of Their Tooth

Molars are the large and flat teeth that grow at the back of the mouth. Children usually grow their first molar near the age of six. Since molars have a soft surface at the time of growth, so deep fissures and crevices develop on them due to chewing. These fissures are tapered, so toothbrush bristles can’t reach there to clean the plaque causing cavities.

Their Eating Habits

Children’s eating habits also make them more vulnerable to develop tooth cavities. In general, a lot of snacks with loads of sugary substances are part of their daily dietary intake. With poor brushing practices, excessive sugar intake contributes to the development of tooth cavities.

Application of Dental Sealants Can Prevent Tooth Cavities

Dental sealants for kids can protect them from developing frequent tooth cavities. It actually provides a barrier between the tooth surface and oral bacteria. Let’s see how it works.

  • A sealant (a biocompatible polymer) is applied to the tooth surface through an etching gel.
  • The sealant then sets in the tooth enamel to fill in all those thin cervices where the toothbrush can’t reach.
  • The sealant eventually hardens to create a plastic barrier that keeps off the cavity-inducing bacteria from the fissured tooth surfaces.

Dental sealants are more effective against cavities when they are applied to the chewing surfaces of new molars.

Dental Sealing is Safe, Painless and Quick

No drilling or surgical procedure is involved in the application of dental sealants. So, the procedure is not going to petrify your children. Secondly, it’s completed very quickly. A dental sealant is applied in less time than filling a tooth cavity.  Last but not least, it’s completely safe to go for dental sealants for kids. Besides the initial brief itching, there are no side effects associated with the application of dental sealants.

Many healthcare insurance plans also cover the first and second molar dental sealing for children, which shows that it is an established pediatric periodontal procedure.

Consult any seasoned dentist or dental clinic to know further about the benefits of dental sealants for your kid. Besides clinical care, it is important to maintain regular at-home preventive care. Make sure children floss and brush their teeth before going to bed. Also, take care of their diet. Cut down processed sugar and introduce more calcium-rich foods in their diet.

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