How to Deal With Sugar Addiction

How to Deal With Sugar Addiction

Sugar, although sweet and irresistible, can have detrimental implications on your health, especially oral health. It’s not surprising why eating and drinking sugary things is the most common cause of dental issues and diseases.

Minimizing your sugar intake can help improve your dental health and waistline. However, this is easier said than done, but with a little effort, you can minimize your daily sugar intake. Here’re a few tips to help you beat your sugar addiction:

· Sugar Comes In Many Ways

When we mention sugar, the white substance you add to your cup of coffee often comes to people’s minds. However, there are other types of sugars’ hidden’ in foods. The sugar is labeled as fructose, hydrolyzed starch, molasses, and sucrose. Knowing different types of sugars can help you avoid it, especially if you want to reduce your daily intake of this potentially dangerous substance.

· Snacks Are Full Of Sugars

You need to find healthy alternatives if you’re among the people who find it hard to say no to snacking. Instead of grabbing a biscuit barrel, try eating a few nuts. Nuts will give you the energy you’re craving for and improve your health.

Remember that it’s not always about how much sugar you take but also how frequently you take it. In this regard, you should limit the frequency of consuming sugar by opting for sugarless alternatives.

· Fat-Free Doesn’t Mean Sugar-Free

In today’s market, many products are marketed as fat-free and thus labeled healthier alternatives. However, these are misleading claims as products such as cholesterol-free yogurts still contain high amounts of refined sugar or fructose. Therefore, read the fine prints (ingredients) to see the sugar masked in another name.

· Watch Out For Breakfast Cereals

Some breakfast cereals pack high amounts of sugar, with some of them having 33% of their content being sugar. Therefore, try eating breakfast cereals with relatively lower amounts of sugar or look for sugar-free alternatives.

· Eat Whole Instead Of Blended

Whole fruits are good for your teeth. Therefore, consider eating whole fruits such as bananas and strawberries instead of blended forms. A smoothie of banana and strawberry will expose sugars that will coat your teeth as opposed to when you consume them whole.

Dried fruits are also sticky and thus should be avoided for the sake of your dental health. Sticky foods coat your teeth, creating a conducive environment for bacteria to multiply and cause oral issues.

· Create A Few Rules

You already know that eating that sweet dessert every day is unhealthy. So, why not create a few rules to help you adjust your lifestyle, such as not consuming anything a few hours before bedtime and avoiding adding any type of sugar to your foods. Such simple rules can go a long way in benefitting your teeth.

Other Tips to Help You Beat Sugar Consumption:

· Cut down alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are loaded with added sugar. Therefore, minimize the number of alcoholic beverages you take in a week. Also, drink a lot of water to wash down alcohol and sugar from your mouth.

· Set a quota. The frequency of your sugar intake has a considerable impact on your teeth. On average, your mouth takes 60 minutes to return to its neutral state after consuming sugar. Therefore, give your mouth longer breaks from sugar.

· Reduce your coffee intake. Although coffee offers a few health benefits, it can harm your teeth. If you have to take coffee, stick to sugar-free ones. However, if you’re to take coffee with sugar, it’s best to drink it during meals.

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