Teeth whitening in Troy MI - Paul Mansky DDSLooking to whiten your teeth but not sure if it’s safe? Looking for the best teeth whitening dentist office in Troy, Mi? If you answered any of these questions with a ‘yes’, then you have come to the right place.. We are here to debunk all the myths surrounding this topic and ease all your worries.

Tooth whitening is quite common since it discolors your teeth and removes stains. Most dentists prefer tooth whitening. The process is not a one-time thing and needs to be done every few months.

Even though several dentists perform tooth whitening, there is still a stigma around it. People believe that there are harmful side effects of getting your teeth whitened. There is no doubt that users need to be cautious, but if you are careful, your new bright smile will definitely be worth it.

Debunking Tooth Whitening Tips

1.     Is It Safe?

Many individuals still believe that tooth whitening damages your teeth. The internet can be a very skeptical place and since everyone uses Google for everything before opting for a certain thing, it doesn’t take that long for us to change our minds. Trust your doctor – get your teeth whitened today.

2.     Is It Painful?

Another common myth that people actually believe is that tooth whitening hurts. We believe that if you buy the right product, it can save your life. Some gels do not drift to your gum, which makes it much easier to apply since they won’t cause any pain or sensitivity.

3.     Will It Make My Teeth More Sensitive?

Several individuals believe that using carbon peroxide (which further breaks down into hydrogen peroxide) might make your teeth and gums more sensitive, but this research is proven to be false.  Your enamel is not affected by the ingredient that is present in the bleach used for teeth whitening.

4.     Is It Okay to Put Chemicals in My Mouth?

Once again, the most common myth says that it is unsafe to apply chemicals. Many people also believe that using chemicals for tooth whitening causes oral cancer. We are here to ensure you that all of these rumors are false. Visit your doctor today and get the best treatment that your teeth deserve!

Teeth Whitening Safety Tips

Tooth whitening is useful but users should be careful of how they’re applying it. The chemical ingredient in tooth whitening bleach is carbon peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide in the mouth. Try to buy trusted tooth whitening products from trusted sources. Go to the best teeth whitening dentist office in your area. Last but not least, do not ignore your doctor’s instructions. If you’re facing any side effects, visit your dentist today!

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