Keeping a Healthy Smile Through the Holidays

Oral Health, Dental Health - Troy, MI DentistWe all know that the holidays are a time to indulge in the foods that we often try to avoid. Holiday parties are filled with sweets, sticky treats and sugary drinks. All the things that are not so great for our smiles. On top of all of the yummy treats, our busy schedules, late nights at holiday parties and epic shopping trips can cause us to neglect our normal dental health routine. Plenty of our patients come to us after the holidays complaining of smiles that look and feel less attractive. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. Here are some tips from Dr. Mansky on how to keep your smile healthy and looking great, through the excess of the holidays.

Watch What You Eat

Yes, we are all aware that the holidays are the time of year where everyone goes overboard and eats way too much. Eating too much is one thing, but as your dentist, there are foods that we wish you would avoid or eat more carefully. The holiday buffet is usually filled with foods like caramels, fudge, toffee, peanut brittle, popcorn balls and other sticky sweets. These crunchy and sticky foods are really rough on your teeth, especially if you have crowns and fillings. Sticky foods like caramel and taffy can easily pull out cavities and crowns. Hard foods like popcorn, toffy and peanut brittle can crack and chip teeth. While we certainly understand that part of the fun of the holidays is the traditional sweets, be mindful of your teeth when you are eating them, or you may find yourself in our office with a painful repair, just in time for Christmas.

Drink Smarter

That probably sounds silly, but if you’ve spent your hard earned money on having your teeth professionally whitened in our office, you are going to want to think about how you are drinking all of those tasty holiday coffees, sodas and red wine. Our first suggestion is that you avoid these beverages all together, since they easily stain your teeth. However, that isn’t practical, so we suggest that if you are going to partake in red wine, coffee and other dark beverages, you use a straw. This will keep your white smile looking great, and will prolong the amount of time between visits for office whitening.

Don’t Forget the Water

Making sure you stay hydrated is one of the first steps to avoiding bad breath. When you have dry mouth, you create a more ideal place for bacteria to grow. This bacteria not only can cause plaque and cavities, but it also contributes to bad breath. If you are going to be social this holiday season, the last thing you want is to have breath that is less than attractive. To help with this, throw in a glass of water or two between your eggnog, coffee and cocktails, to curtail the growth of bacteria, and keep your breath fresh.

Keep Your Normal Routine

Yes, it can be tempting to go to bed without brushing, when you’ve been out celebrating with friends and family. However, the sure way to start cavities, tooth decay and bad breath is to skip on your normal brushing and flossing routine. Even when you are completely wiped out, don’t forget to brush and floss. This will keep your teeth white and healthy throughout the holiday season.

I Want To Schedule a Dental Checkup at Your Troy Dental Office!

There’s never a bad time to schedule a check-up visit with your local dentist. If you need a good cleaning or have questions about your mouth or dental health, now is a great time to visit Dr. Mansky. Our office is here to give you the best care possible, and provide state of the art cosmetic procedures that will have your smile looking great, just in time for the holidays. To schedule a dental appointment in Troy, MI, call us today at (248) 689-5508.