Natural Toothpastes vs. Regular Toothpaste – Which is More Effective?

Natural Toothpastes vs. Regular Toothpaste – Which is More Effective?The war between toothpaste brands seems never-ending. On one side, we have the tried and tested brands like Colgate and Crest. On the other side, we have toothpaste with natural substances like charcoal and salt, claiming that they are the best choice as they are natural.

Dental Toothpaste Brands

Each brand is claiming to be better than the other. Manufacturers also promise that apart from getting clean teeth, their brand of natural toothpaste will also detoxify your mouth, keep it away from bacteria and viruses, reduce inflammation, and strengthen your teeth.

A few dentists from the University Of Maryland School Of Dentistry researched on the claims set forward by the manufactures of natural toothpaste. The result of their research showed that the claims made by these companies are actually false. There is no evidence that shows that charcoal or clay can help prevent more cavities as compared to regular toothpaste.

This does not mean that the toothpaste is not to be used by the people, but just the fact that the claims made by the company are false. These toothpastes may be a good choice for a healthy oral routine, but the claim about it providing you a shield from cavities is wrong.

Thoughts on Fluoride

The element every toothpaste must have is fluoride. There are countless studies that prove that using a fluoride toothpaste reduces the risk of getting cavities.  However, too much fluoride can also be harmful to your teeth. Excessive fluoride in toothpaste can cause discoloration and staining. An overdose of fluoride can also be toxic for your health and cause intestinal blockage and stomach pains.

However, the amount of fluoride in toothpaste is not enough to cause any toxicity.

Cavities are caused due to the acids in your mouth. Your saliva has natural properties that prevent excessive acid build-up. The natural ingredient baking soda works in a similar way. The lesser the chemicals, the lower your chances of getting cavities. However, baking soda does not penetrate in your enamel to strengthen it, and fluoride does. Combining the two ingredients together will provide a much better outcome.

Charcoal Toothpaste

When talking about natural toothpaste, one can’t forget the contribution of charcoal. Charcoal is known to whiten your teeth. However, you must keep in mind that charcoal can be very abrasive and harm your teeth’s enamel.

All the other natural ingredients like lemon and salt are also very abrasive to your enamel. Not to mention the fact that high levels of sodium can be harmful to people who suffer from hypertension.

Beside fluoride, there are other ingredients that play a part in manufacturing a toothpaste. If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold beverages, toothpaste containing potassium salts or stannous fluoride can help. Similarly, people who are more prone to tartar can benefit from toothpaste with pyrophosphates.

Choose the Best Toothpaste Option for You!

As it shows, there is no perfect choice. Our recommendation is that you consult your dentist. They will let you know which toothpaste is the best choice for you.  If you are looking for a dentist, or have any questions regarding dental products you are using give Dr. Mansky, of Paul Mansky Dental in Troy, Michigan a call today!  We can be reached at (248) 689-5508.