Seven Proven Ways To Make Brushing An Enjoyable Experience For Kids
Seven Proven Ways To Make Brushing An Enjoyable Experience For Kids.

Teaching your kids about oral hygiene and encouraging them to practice healthy oral habits is an important step toward protecting their oral health. However, convincing your children to invest both their energy and time into their teeth isn’t always an easy task, especially if there are many other activities they would rather engage in. If you are currently struggling to have your children abide by their dental care routine, or simply looking for practical ways to make the entire process go more smoothly, below are 7 proven ways to help you boost their interest in their dental health.

Have 4 minutes of fun:

Cleaning your teeth doesn’t have to be a boring experience. Don’t just create a routine and make brushing twice daily for 2-minutes an event. Play your kid’s favorite song and let him display his dancing moves as he brushes and flosses for two minutes. Videos or tooth brushing apps are also a great way to make those two-minutes fly by. You can also read or narrate a two-minute story using one of your best voices. Whatever fun activity you decide to engage in, just get creative to ensure your kid’s oral care routine is as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Make oral hygiene a routine:

Children thrive on routine, so creating a twice-daily dental hygiene routine for your children may help reduce any chances of future resistance to brushing their teeth. Make sure you resist the urge to allow your kid to skip any brushing session. If your child accepts and embraces the routine as a normal part of the day, he/she is less likely to push back against it!

Reward good oral hygiene habits:

Rewarding systems can be extremely important in motivating kids to stick to their brushing routine, so design a chart where you can mark each time your child brushes and flosses his teeth. Reward your child every time he completes the task, such as a stamp, sticker, or even the ability to pick out a bedtime story. But it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t use candy or any other related food as a reward. The reward could also be as simple as asking to see that broad, healthy smile, saying I’m proud of you’, and following up with a big, passionate hug.

Go for a shopping run!

This could present the perfect opportunity for your child to select his favorite toothbrush as well as toothpaste. Of course, you have to ensure they choose products that feature an ADA acceptance seal. Selecting a character toothbrush can potentially help make brushing more enjoyable, and fluoride toothpaste comes with a plethora of colors as well as flavors.

Make dental care a family thing!

You already know that kids learn from their parents, so you are obliged to set a good example. When you develop a habit of brushing together as a family, you are more likely to have a confident smile as a unit!

Take advantage of your kids’ favorite characters:

Every kid has that one character they can’t get enough of! Most kids’ books and shows have some exciting stories about oral hygiene. Watch and read these stories together, so when it’s time to brush and floss, you can easily use that particular character as a motivation.

Tell a story!

If there is no specific character or story that seems to either motivate or inspire your child, don’t fret! You can make your own story and make your kid the ultimate superhero who can boldly brush away those bad guys that cause dental cavities!

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