Teeth Whitening - Paul Mansky, DDS - Troy DentistTeeth whitening products have become increasingly common these days. From television sets to the local stores, advertisements related to different teeth whitening products have become ubiquitous. This constant virtual presence of these products has led to relevant curiosity among consumers. People thus often have innumerable questions related to teeth whitening products and procedures. In this article, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration or teeth staining can be caused by several factors, including smoking and consumption of stain-causing foods and drinks. Tooth discoloration can also be a result of aging.

How can one prevent tooth discoloration?

It’s easy to prevent teeth staining. Stay away from food and drinks that cause tooth discoloration. If you are a smoker, quit immediately. Brush twice a day, floss daily and use mouthwash. Also, remember to see your dentist routinely.

Are there any specific foods that stain teeth?

Bright-colored foods, such as red pasta, blueberries, strawberries, and bright-colored curries, are known to cause tooth discoloration.

Are there any specific drinks that cause tooth discoloration?

Similar to bright-colored foods, bright-colored drinks also cause teeth staining. Red wine, coffee, tea, and dark sodas are known to cause tooth discoloration. Thus, regular consumption of these drinks must be avoided.

Can green tea cause teeth stains?

A study conducted by the famous American oral hygiene products manufacturer Colgate revealed that all teas, including green and white teas, cause teeth staining by damaging the enamel.

Can braces also cause tooth discoloration?

No, braces do not cause tooth discoloration. However, sometimes once the braces have been removed, people notice stains on their teeth. These stains, most often, are due to the use of teeth whitening products while wearing braces. Thus, to avoid seeing teeth stains after braces, steer clear of teeth whitening products.

Is activated charcoal effective against teeth stains?

In the recent past, activated charcoal has gained immense popularity as a natural remedy against toxins and odor. It is, therefore, increasingly being used in toothpaste as well. However, no study has yet proved the effectiveness of activated charcoal against teeth stains.

What are the different kinds of teeth stains?

Tooth stains are of three types: surface teeth stains; under-the-surface teeth stains; and age-related teeth stains. The good thing is all these three types of teeth stains are reversible and can be corrected by various teeth whitening processes.

Do I need teeth whitening?

Only your dentist can accurately answer this question. If you feel your teeth aren’t as white as you want them to be, set up an appointment with your dentist. Based on the condition of your teeth and the severity of the stains, your dentist will recommend the best option for you.

Are teeth whitening products helpful?

There are many different kinds of teeth whitening products available in the market. Each product has its pros and cons. Moreover, each product shows a different level of effectiveness against teeth stains. Thus, to say all teeth whitening products are good or bad would mean generalizing our answer, a habit we tend to avoid.

Is there a best time to go for teeth whitening?

There is no best time as such. However, teeth whitening processes are most effective when done after teeth cleaning treatment.

Is teeth whitening a permanent solution?

Unfortunately, no. All teeth whitening solutions provide a temporary fix to the problem of teeth discoloration. Therefore, be prepared the repeat the process after a while.

Do teeth whitening processes have any side effects?

Yes, some teeth whitening processes can lead to specific side effects. For instance, some patients experience heightened teeth sensitivity after undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. Moreover, overuse of whitening products can lead to enamel corrosion and thus, permanent teeth stains.

How much will I have to pay for a teeth whitening treatment?

The exact price of a teeth whitening procedure will depend on the process you are going for. For instance, over-the-counter teeth whitening products are usually priced at below $50. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening procedures performed by a skilled dentist can vary based on the product your dentist uses.

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