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Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Tooth Pain - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Tooth pain is probably one of the worst pains to encounter. The sharp twinge is almost unbearable. Tooth pain is, in most cases, caused by tooth decay, which, in turn, is caused by the action of the bacteria. There could be other reasons for tooth pain, as well. [...]

7 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity

7 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity Do you feel discomfort while flossing or brushing your teeth? Does taking hot and cold foods like coffee and ice cream cause shooting pains? These are all signs that indicate you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. The good thing is, there are ways you can get rid of this [...]

Troy Dentist: Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Troy Dentist:  Common Causes of Tooth Pain Nobody likes to have a tooth that hurts. Painful teeth can make everyday activities difficult. Everything from enjoying our favorite foods and beverages to brushing and flossing our teeth is uncomfortable when a tooth hurts. A tooth ache or tooth pain isn’t always caused by a cavity, but [...]

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