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How to Deal With Sugar Addiction

How to Deal With Sugar Addiction Sugar, although sweet and irresistible, can have detrimental implications on your health, especially oral health. It's not surprising why eating and drinking sugary things is the most common cause of dental issues and diseases. Minimizing your sugar intake can help improve your dental health and waistline. However, this is [...]

All You Need To Know About Dental Fillings

All You Need To Know About Dental Fillings Cavities and tooth decay are highly prevalent that you might think they don’t pose any danger to your life. However, it is imperative to note cavities as well as tooth decay can have serious lasting complications on your dental and overall health. If you are currently suffering [...]

Essential BMS Management Tips

Essential BMS Management Tips Commonly referred to as BMS, burning mouth syndrome is a fairly common health problem that affects at least 5% of the American population. This condition is characterized by a burning sensation in the affected individual’s mouth, which can occur suddenly and in all parts of your mouth. We have all accidentally [...]

Preventing Dry Socket Problem after Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth are known to cause severe pain and sometimes alter your jaw's structure, leading to oral health issues. In dentistry terms, they are known as impacted wisdom teeth, which in simpler terms are third molars that lack space in the jaw to develop or erupt majorly because of being barred by an existing tooth. [...]

Common Medications That Can Cause Dental Problems

Supplements, vitamins, minerals, over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs are common drugs we often take. However, one thing we may not know is that some of these drugs and supplements may have a link to some of the dental health problems we’re experiencing today. Bone loss, taste changes, irritated gums, and dry mouth are some dental [...]

Dental Erosion: Know the Link Between Energy Drinks & Your Teeth

Dental erosion is a very common problem. However, most people do not know much about it. In this article, we share with you everything there is to know about dental erosion. More importantly, know the connection between the consumption of energy drinks and dental erosion? Hear it from a dentist in Troy, MI Dental Erosion [...]

What is Fluoride and Why Is It Crucial For Oral Health?

While many people are probably aware of the fact that fluoride plays a significant role in oral health, most people don’t know much about this important mineral. If you are a health-conscious individual, you are probably motivated to dig deeper into the fluoride topic and perhaps understand why it is considered a highly important mineral [...]

The Eight Worst Foods for Your Dental Health

You have probably heard of the common phrase, you are what you eat. And in no better place can that be seen than in your mouth and teeth! This is simply because lots of beverages and foods can trigger plaque build-up, which can do serious damage to your pearly whites. There are many foods that [...]

Why You Should Always Treat Tooth Cavity Problems

Why You Should Always Treat Tooth Cavity Problems A significant number of people are familiar with cavities and also know the treatment procedure, including routine cleaning exams. However, most people don’t know what happens to a tooth cavity that is left untreated! While cavities can easily be treated through simple dental procedures such as fillings, [...]

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