Taking Care of Your Dental Health When You Are down with the Flu

Taking Care of Your Dental Health When You Are down with the FluSpring season brings along the promise of fun in the sun and barbeque parties. However, there is another thing that you have to keep in mind while the weather is changing – the flu. This time of the year is what we like to call the flu season. One of the things that energize us even when we are sick is brushing our teeth. It gives us a sense of freshness which makes us feel better.

When you are down with the flu, it is important that take special care of your dental health. Mentioned below are some simple ways to take care of your mouth when you are down with the flu:

1.     Good Hygiene is a Must

Dental hygiene should be a priority throughout the year. However, it is especially important that you practice good dental hygiene when you are down with the flu. When you sneeze or a cough, you cover your mouth. The bacteria can seep into your teeth and latch on there if you don’t kick it out by brushing your teeth.

A lot of people think that they have to throw out the toothbrush they used when they were sick. That is not necessary unless you have an extremely weak immune system. Though, changing your toothbrush after every three to four months is necessary, whether you were sick or not.

2.     Sugar-Free Cough Drops For The Win

When you are sick, all you want is relief from the cold and cough. Instead of blindly purchasing the first cough drops you can get your hands on, take some time and read the ingredients. Cough drops should not taste like candy. The sugar on cough drops can invite cavities to your teeth, which we are sure you don’t want. Choose the cough drops that are sugar-free. That way, you will get relief from the cough and protect your teeth from the cavities. Two birds, one stone!

3.     Rinse After Vomiting

Do you know what the worst kind of flu is? It’s stomach flu. Add vomiting to the other painful symptoms that accompany this illness. You must be compelled to brush your teeth after throwing up. However, that is not something you should do right away. The stomach acids in the vomit can cling to your teeth when you throw up. If you brush your teeth right away, you will just rub them all over your teeth with your toothbrush.

Just rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after vomiting to wash the acid away. Wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

4.     Drink Plenty of Water

One of the main reasons to load up on fluids when you are sick is to avoid dry mouth. When you have dry mouth, the bacteria multiplies and increases the risk of cavities. Drinking plenty of water washes away the bacteria and also helps in the production of saliva.

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