What is Fluoride and Why Is It Crucial For Oral Health?While many people are probably aware of the fact that fluoride plays a significant role in oral health, most people don’t know much about this important mineral. If you are a health-conscious individual, you are probably motivated to dig deeper into the fluoride topic and perhaps understand why it is considered a highly important mineral by dentists.

So, what is fluoride?

Fluoride is an essential mineral compound predominantly found in soil and water. Extensive research conducted over the years has established that fluoride protects the teeth against the acid attacks initiated by the bacteria found in the plaque. Arguably most important, fluoride features a number of vital minerals that play an important role in maintaining overall dental health. One such mineral is calcium, which serves a crucial role in safeguarding your teeth against decay and cavity. In fact, it is for this particular reason that oral health products featuring fluoride have become increasingly popular in the market.

So, how is fluoride is administered?

There are two main ways through which fluoride can be delivered into the teeth; systematic and topical. In this regard, topical fluoride delivery involves directly administering fluoride to your teeth via gels, mouthwashes, toothpaste, foams, and other numerous oral hygiene products that are offered in the market. Topical fluoride application prevents both tooth decay and gums.

On the other hand, systematic fluoride application involves administering fluoride to your teeth through foods and fluoridated water rich in fluoride. Systematic fluoride application may also involve the use of fluoride supplements, which have gained lots of popularity in recent years.

A few more things to know about fluoride:

Bearing in mind that there are numerous fluoride products on the market, getting the best one that suits your fluoride needs can sometimes prove to be an overwhelming task. If you are looking to supply your body with fluoride through supplements as well as other fluoridated products in the market, you first need to know and understand the right level of fluoride you need to consume to have the desired impact. This vital information will not only ensure you select the most appropriate supplement but will also allow you to moderate your fluoride consumption to ensure your pearly whites are getting the amount of fluoride they deserve.

If you currently don’t know how to get fluoride, we discuss two main sources, what they lack as well as how you can make up for the deficiency.

  • Tap water: Tap water features fluoride in an abundant quantity. But today, not many people drink tap water. Instead, nearly everybody uses tap water, which perhaps they are not aware fails to offer the required fluoride amounts to your body. If you are an ardent fan of bottled water, it is highly recommended that you supplement your bottled water intake with fluoride products such as gels and fluoride mouthwash.
  • Fluoridated water: While tap water is a great source of fluoride, the level of fluoride in tap water varies significantly from one place to another. If you are serious about your dental health, then you are obliged to take the necessary steps to ensure the water you consume boasts a sufficient amount of fluoride.

As you may have seen, no dental hygiene regimen is complete without fluoride. This essential mineral compound plays a vital role in oral health. As a result, you must ensure your teeth are getting the right amounts of fluoride they need to stay in tip-top condition. But before you start using a particular fluoride product out there, carry out some research to ensure it is the best one and suits your dental needs.

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