Why Are Patients Preferring Soft Laser Dental Procedures?

Why Are Patients Preferring Soft Laser Dental ProceduresDental procedures such as teeth implants, frenectomy, scaling, root planning, etc. are basically surgical procedures. And since these are surgical procedures, they leave the patient with pain right after the dental session was carried out. So, it’s not wrong for patients to feel uncomfortable once dentists tell them to take a particular dental procedure for treatment.

As long as patient comfort is concerned, the majority of dentists are now using soft laser-tissue to conduct dental procedures. Aside from being painless, it also allows for more precision and ease on the part of the dentists as well. Will you be undergoing a dental procedure with this method soon? If yes, read this blog to know how soft laser tissue is utilized.

Soft-Tissue Laser For Surgeries In Oral Cavity

Scalpels and drills were once the most common tools for surgeries in the oral cavity. Their usage isn’t only painful after post-treatment but also leaves wounds that take longer to heal or leaves undesirable marks.

The usage of soft laser-tissue provides relief from the downsides of scalpels and drills. With it, there are less swelling, blood, scarring, coagulation, and especially, no suturing. Note that these are characteristics of dental treatment that allow for a complete restoration of the operated oral cavity.

Soft Laser-Tissue In Frenectomy

In some cases, the frenulum has to be removed to allow for more facial movement. Removal has to be done as this tissue bonds the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth limiting the ability to speak or smile.

Traditionally, the frenulum is removed with a scalpel. However, since there are a lot of tissues to be removed, there is a risk of severe bleeding. Also, post-treatment wounds take a longer time to heal.

The application of soft laser-tissue in frenectomy is phenomenal. Its use in frenectomy results in a faster dental procedure. However, its most significant trait is that it allows the patient to heal in just two weeks.

For Removal of Plaque and Bacteria Underneath The Gums

Removal of plaque and bacteria underneath the gums was traditionally carried out using a scaling tool and a current. The procedure was done by inserting these on the gums. Once inserted, the dentist will then start scraping to remove the plaque.

A downside with scaler and current is that they don’t remove the plaque completely since it’s easy for the dentist to miss spots on the teeth.

The use of soft laser tissue is more ideal because it allows for more precision. Since it’s more precise, it allows the dentist to remove a lot of plaque.

In Dental Implants

Dentists use soft laser tissue as a complementary tool for dental implants. In dental implant installation, it is utilized for keeping the bleeding minimal so that the dentist can position the implant perfectly. Soft laser-tissue is also useful for making adjustments especially when some tissues of the gums make the implant misalign.

Soft laser-tissue doesn’t necessarily make the installation of dental implants less painful after surgery. Nonetheless, it proves to be very beneficial as it allows the implant to sit well on the gums and jaw bone. With that said, it prevents the likelihood of post-surgery complications from occurring.

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