Why Dental Care for Seniors is as Important as All Other Health Care.It is common knowledge that dental health is closely linked to general health, particularly in seniors. As your age advance, lots of changes happen in your body, including your mouth. And these changes offer numerous specific considerations for dental health among seniors. As people age, taking care of their well-being as well as their physical health becomes so daunting and time-consuming that they just can’t cope up with their dental hygiene requirements.

And while routine dental visits are not always a priority for most senior adults, regular care for both your teeth and gums has been proven to eliminate many of the health issues associated with oral care. Simply put, dental health remains an aspect of hygiene and wellness that cannot be neglected. From dry mouth to periodontal disease, the health issues the elderly can experience with their dental health can impact their overall physical health. It is worth noting that poor oral health can easily be confused with other health concerns, especially in seniors. As a result, maintaining a good dental care routine is crucial to ensure overall health. Below are proven reasons why oral health is particularly for the elderly:

  • Potential pneumonia attack: For seniors, poor oral health can easily result in pneumonia. This occurs because of the bacterial droplets that can be easily inhaled from the mouth directly into the lungs. And best way to mitigate this kind of bacteria is by practicing adequate, regular dental health. It means that if you have a close relative in a nursing home, you must be aware of this fact and make an effort to ensure that his/her oral health is being cared for by the staff.
  • Gum disease is closely associated with cardiovascular health: If either you are a senior or any of your loved ones is a senior, arguably the best defense against heart disease of any form, especially a heart attack, or even a stroke is practicing routine oral hygiene. It is imperative to note that studies have proven that those suffering from periodontal disease are at least two times likely to suffer coronary heart disease or heart disease. In one publicized study, it was revealed that evidence of mouth-related issues, including cavities, missing teeth as well as gingivitis, are reliable predictors of heart disease, as reliable parameters for monitoring cholesterol levels.
  • It may help curb diabetes: Also known as severe gum disease, periodontitis is known to restrict your body’s capacity to use insulin. The effect of high blood pressure, diabetes, can all provide a pathway for gum disease. For this particular reason, adequate, effective dental health care can potentially help in mitigating the above-mentioned health problems from happening.
  • Gum disease is linked to other numerous health problems. While food particles remaining in the teeth and plaque are arguably the biggest culprits, there are other common factors that can also easily result in gum diseases such as poor diet, tobacco use, and improperly fitted bridges and dentures. It is worth noting that gum disease can lead to loss of teeth, but its impact doesn’t necessarily stop at your mouth. It can potentially result in a plethora of life-threatening problems and conditions throughout your body.

The bottom line:

As you may have realized, dental healthcare should be a priority for everybody, especially for the elderly. Unfortunately, oral health is usually overlooked and in most instances, results in more severe health problems, including health problems. Good dental health care is crucial for good health.

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